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One of the most awesome tools to create your own story :)

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All what you need is just to add some of your photos and write a bit description for your best trip experience. Spend some time for that and you will have photo story maybe even better the Google Photos stories ;)


  • Sign in with your Google account or just use the demo link from the form.
  • Create your own super story clicking on "Add new story" on stories section or just on "New story" link on the menu.
  • OK, so far you made your best, take some relax a bit :)
  • Write the story name, setup the start and end points and import your awesome photos ;) Remember if your photos have GPS data - you will receive more detailed story, the App will made all the work for you :)
  • You also can edit your Points of Interest (the app will automatically group photos by GPS coordinates) and name it as you wish, it's your own story, remember? :)
  • Use the "Preview" button to enjoy your own expirience

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