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Game Of Life 3D - Battle Edition

We built a 3D Version of Conway's Game of Life. You can create your own lineup and battle others.

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We built a 3D Version of Conway's Game of Life. You can create a starting lineup and watch how it works. When you upload your lineup it will be put into an arena agains all other uploaded lineups one by one. Each game will play for 150 turns or when one opponent loses all blocks. The winner is the lineup with more blocks left after that. Can you beat the highscore?


You will start on a page which shows you a fight between two random lineups. From there you can either watch other fights or you can create your very own lineup.

For creating your own lineup please click on "Create your own". Now you can place blocks in our 3D battlefield on 6 levels. From there you can also test your lineup. After you are happy you can press on submit and see how it performs. If you have no idea how to start. feel free and select one of our presets.

Once you have submitted your lineup it will take a couple of seconds until your results are calculated. So if you do not see any results first, please refresh.

If you wish to see your lineup in action you can press "Battle with this Lineup".

Please use Chrome :-)

View the screencast:

Built With


  • Angular 2
  • KendoUI
  • THREE.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular 2 Modal
  • Highcharts (Angular Highcharts)
  • Feathers
  • WebcamJS
  • Superagent


  • Node
  • Feathers
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose

We are hosting our Front- and Backend on DigitalOcean.

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