I didn't gather the team, so I am alone, but my project was very ambitious.

The first day was spent to draw the graphics (there are lot more stuff, but I don't have the time to code it), and the second day was spent to code it.

Alas, I started coding too lately, so didn't realize the all my ideas. But game is playable and I will be glad to hear your feedback.

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The Space Odyssey

Turn-based strategy game. Build the base, harvest the resources and try to stay alive as long as you can!

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The three brave men and women were sent to the dark galaxy to find the resources to save the Earth.It's the simple turn-based strategy. Build the base, harvest the resources and stay alive as long as you can.

Get ready!


The brief instruction:

  1. Choose your team;
  2. Build the buildings by clicking at the planet sections;
  3. Overview your team by clicking at the rocket and heal your team here;
  4. Click on the building to overview his state and repair it if it is needed.
  5. When you ready to move to the next Sol's year press the central button with the number of the current year.

There are three main resources

  1. Crystals, that needed to build buildings and repair them, to buy supplies and etc.
  2. Food, that used at every Sol's year. If you not have food, your team will die.
  3. Medical Kits, that used to heal your team members.

The detailed instruction:

Your team of three men is going to Sol (it's the purple planet in a strange galaxy).

As said your instructor G.R.Hartman:

Let's conclude our briefing. Remember, Sol is the danger place, you will not like it. But today you have the important mission, all of you. You will not laugh! You will not cry! You will bring the resources to our exhausted home, our planet! Now get up to your spaceship!

Choosing the team

The first step is choosing your team. One of your astronauts is always leader (it's the first body in the list), but other astronauts have the custom specialization.

There are seven specialization:

  • Leader
  • Medic
  • Engineer
  • Botanist,
  • Geologist
  • Soldier
  • Actress.

All of them have bonuses that will help your team stay alive.


After you choice your team, you should build the base. There are many buildings can be constructed.

  • Oil Mine (add crystals)
  • Crystal Mine (add crystals)
  • Grain (add food)
  • Potato (add food)
  • Radar (used to buying medical kits and food)


After you build some stuff press at the big central button to move to the next Sol's year. Always check the health of your team and buildings.

Repair and heal them opportunely!

View the screencast:

Built With

The libraries and frawemorks:

  1. Angular, of course
  2. ngDialog (https://github.com/likeastore/ngDialog)
  3. ui-router (https://github.com/angular-ui/ui-router)

Also, I used the some icons from the site flaticon.com and the NASA photography of the space for the game background.

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