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Budget allows users to keep track of their money and see high level trends about their spending and income.

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Budget enables users to immediately see what they spend their money on, and allows them to better manage their finances. Right now you can add transactions for both income and expenditure.

In the future I will add the ability to see trends over time (30 days etc) as well as adding a category based tagging system so that transactions can be grouped by a type, allowing a user to see generally what they spend their money on.

LOTS and I mean LOTS of work to be done, but learnt a lot about Angular this weekend!!


  1. Use admin/password123

  2. You can add a transaction with the form (shown by clicking 'add transaction')

Built With

Backend: Node, express, JSON web tokens, mongoose, mongo DB, Passport, ES6

Frontend: Angular4 via official CLI tool, Rxjs

Both sides hosted on Heroku

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