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Twos - A Number Game

This game is inspired by "Threes" and "2048" number games. Unlike these games, this works on merging two same number instead combine all tiles.

V800 twos


This is just a number game, easy to play. On start of the game you will have 4x4 tiles with random numbers (2, 4 or 8), and the next upcoming number b/w the same, when you merge the two numbers, target tile will be double and source will get the next number. On every successful merge next upcoming number will be changed randomly(2, 4 or 8).


  • Drag & drop(using Mouse) or Swipe(in Touch screen) to merge two same numbers. (Left, Right, Top and Bottom Directions)
  • If both tile's value are same destination tile will be double, and source tile will get the number which is showing as next.
  • If you a tile's value will be equal to level value, you will be winner.
  • If there is no same number in a sequence(all four directions), you will lose the game.

Built With

  • Angular2
  • Kendo UI for Angular
  • Bootstrap (Customized - Grid System & Panel only)
  • NPM
  • Gulp

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