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Palmleaf makes note taking simple. The objective is to provide a chat like interface where you just keep writing and Palmleaf will take care of organizing the data.

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The idea is simple, you just keep entering the notes, let the Palmleaf organize it for your and make it available to you in a convenient way. Palmleaf organizes the data using labels (tags). There are two types of tags, special and regular. The regular ones are used to just group the notes. The special tags are recognized by the app automatically and it puts them in special section. For example, #todo is a special tag, if you enter any note with #todo label, it will be added to todo list. Similarly, there are other special tags like #remind, #url that are yet to be added. Another feature that is yet to be added is, parsing the text entered using natural language API so that the user doesn't even have to enter label(tags), instead the app understands the text entered and creates labels(tags).


Application is built using AngularCLI latest version. Please follow the file in the repository for instructions.

Built With

  • Angular
  • Materila2 (angular/material)
  • angular2-moment
  • angularfire2
  • firebase
  • nodejs
  • express.js (for hosting the app)
  • VSCode

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