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How hard can it be?

How hard could it be to enter Angular Attack with little knowledge or understanding of angular and create an app within 48 hours? Well we the creators set out to find that answer and create a genuinely random lottery number generator. For the first time using angular, how hard could it be?

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Are you sick of winning the lottery? if not try our random number generator for your next lottery ticket. A button you press and our program will generate a completely random set of lottery numbers just for you. Only thing we ask of you is if you win please feel free to share those winnings with the creators.


Enter the site https://howhardcoulditbe.whoisharrison.com/ take your mouse over to the button titled "get your lucky number", click the button, use those numbers for your next lottery ticket. when you win you contact the creators and share your winnings.

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Angular2 PHP Version 7.1 Git and Github O'Reily's Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript 4th edition with jQuery, CSS & HTML5 google.com stackoverflow.com bootcamp-coders.cnm.edu And a big thanks to our bootcamp instructor for advice and emotional support, thank you Dylan McDonald!

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