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Exoplanet Explorer

Explore all the stars that have confirmed exoplanets in 3D. (WebGL required:

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You can view the stars that have confirmed exoplanets with this app. The stars are drawn in 3D in the ecliptic coordinate system, with approximate relative brightness. You can drag the mouse to look around. When you hover over a star it will be highlighted and information about the star will be displayed (name, number of planets and it's ecliptic coordinates).

You are welcome to view my source code at:


Drag the mouse to look around (hold mouse button down while dragging). Hover over a star to see information.

The app should work on most modern browsers:

  • I've tested it on the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

  • And on the latest version of Chrome and Firefox on Mac Snow Leopard

WebGL is required.

Please enable WebGL if it is not enabled.

See to see if it is enabled and for help to enable it if not.

Android Mobile devices and tablets should work but the app requires you to hover over stars to see details and no specific mechanism has been built into the site to deal with touch devices so please avoid mobile devices.

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Visual Studio Code

Angular 4

Angular Materials

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