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A unique opportunity to save the world! Clean anywhere and get rewarded for it in the greens OR become one of the most successful investors in the health of the planet! Get a huge plus in karma!

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The essence of the project is that any person can earn money by cleaning the nature of garbage. All you need is to photograph a place with garbage before and after (each photo is generated its own task, such as show 2 fingers). After the administrator approved the work (with a certain rating) - the user is credited with "greens" which can then be converted into dollars. The course depends on how many donations have been made (everyone can make donations that will go to pay for other users).


In case of Green rescuer: 1. Go to the site and log in. 2. Go to the personal office and click on a post (+) 3. Dress, go outside, find a dirty corner of nature. 4. Make a photo BEFORE, remove trash, take a photo AFTER (on the site in your personal account). 5. Wait until the administrator approves your work 6. Change the Greens to Dollars

In case of Green sower: 1. On the main page, then press select 2. Enter the required data and click save 3. Thanks!

In case of Admin - We deliberately provided to all authorized users to access the admin panel. So just login, the menu button will appear in the admin, click on it and measure post, Be most careful and honest!


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