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Meetup and other social groups are springing up everywhere in an effort to track the next big whisky or rum release and score what is, basically, unobtainium. Our app helps manage and improve that process, while creating a fun social experience for users.

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Indices & Ratings

The primary object in the application is the index. Every user has an index of their own which is personally viewable and not shared. On top of that, any groups that the user belongs to also have their own index which is viewable by all members of the group. Any tastings or sightings of spirits by a user, which are in the group index, will automatically be attached to the group spirits. This means that within the context of a group, the ratings and reviews that you see will reflect the feelings of that group specifically and not the global feeling. Generally, groups are aligned around people with similar tastes, so this gives you a much more realistic view of how you might feel about a given spirit, versus the overall opinion of every joe on the street.


Tastings allow you to enter your notes, impressions and ratings of spirits within your or your group's list. You earn points for every tasting you enter, and tastings become searchable by others in your group looking for a similar spirit experience. Taste often!


One big component of this application is the need to search for rare or hard-to-find spirits as a group rather than as an individual. The sightings allow you to notate where you see a spirit, the price and the quantity. This also allows the group to track availability of things and try to get to them before they hit the (terrible) secondary market.

Badges & Points

You'll earn points towards badges and rating for every tasting and sighting you add. On top of that, the better your tasting notes are, and the more your fellow group members enjoy them, the more points you'll get. When new groups are formed, group admins can see an overall leader board of users (who opt in) to help them improve the quality of their own groups. This is a great way to get recognition for your hobby and hunting skills.

Bottom Line & Disclaimer

At the end of the day, the purpose if this app is to help that small groups of friends find and taste their Holy Grail, be that Pappy Van Winkle or William Larue Weller or Don Pancho Origenes. Imbibing is one of our oldest social activities and it's time to catch that up to the more modern social web.

*Of course, always drink responsibly.


You can login with any facebook or google account or create a local password and email combination. Once inside, you'll have an empty list. Use the Add to List button to bring up the add to list control. Start by searching for the spirit you'd like to add. If you don't find it, click "Add New" and complete the form. This spirit will now be in your list for tracking and tracing.

*Due to an unknown bug in the Auth0 integration, the login process does not always succeed. Please try a few times if it doesn't work at first.

Although the majority of the other features are not currently implemented fully, you can still view them to see what the app will become. Adding tastings and sightings, viewing their history and earning badges for your accomplishments.

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