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Spot the Alphabets

A fun immersive augmented reality game for toddlers, wherein, they have to spot the alphabets using the device camera. Just hold your phone and look out for letters up, down, all around and identify them by voice interaction. ***IMPORTANT*** As this web app is based on augmented reality, which requires motion sensor, so this should be run on mobile only, preferably Chrome in Android.

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Youtube video:


1) Bringing learning outside the classroom where learning merges with play.

2) AR brings an amazingly cool experience to the kids.

3) Voice interaction along with speech recognition for identifying alphabets.

4) Report card which grades the letter recognition and presents the data as a chart.


1) This app is designed as a mobile website, due to the requirement of gyro sensor in device for VR experience.

2) If running on Chrome, you can add the app to home screen. Launching from home screen enables to view the website in an app like appearance.

3) Due to lack of support of WebRTc in iOS, this app can't be run on iPhone. Also, testing has been done for Android phone only in Chrome browser. So running the web app on Android platform and in Chrome browser is recommended.

4) The app may take a while to load depending on internet speed on the mobile device.

View the screencast:

Built With

1) Node

2) Angular 4

3) Angular Kendo UI

4) Angular Material

5) Awe.js

6) annyang

7) Heroku

8) Atom Editor

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