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Safe Taxi

MEAN stack application allowing Drivers and the Taxi Regulator to keep track of completed taxi journeys.

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This application is built using the MEAN stack where drivers and regulators can register and login. Once a driver is logged in they can then keep track of the journeys they have completed, how much they have earned, how many passengers they have had in the taxi etc.

The app also allow the Taxi Regulator to keep track of all journeys completed by drivers. This will make journeys safer for passengers and drivers. Should any complaints be received by the regulator in relation to a driver, the regulator can check the app to see where the driver was at that time and if they had any passengers.

We did not manage to get the app fully completed. Therefore, not all planned functionality is available. In particular the "Create Journey" form does not submit successfully to the backend and as such will not appear in a driver's "Edit Journeys" page.


Users/Drivers can log in as test user(test_user1/password). This has test journeys created, allowing the user to see how the "Edit Journeys" page.

You can also register your own driver and log into the application. As mentioned, new users are unable to create journeys but we have the form implemented.

To login in as the Regulator use test_user2 (password). This user is able to view all drivers and all journeys.

Built With

MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js, Bootstrap, Heroku, Coffee, Biscuits, Hunky Dorys.

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