Are you a traveller? A web app for travellers. Wherever you travel leave your mark for others to view it whenever they visit that location.

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A web app to make a traveller profile. It can store travel notes on google maps which can be seen by other travellers.

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User can login through facebook and google account. Once login will be taken to maps page to the current location. User can add notes which can be viewed by other users.


Login the web app using google or facebook sign in. Browser will ask for the current location. Allow the app to know your current location. (It will work otherwise as well). Once logged in, google maps will be seen to your your current location. Click anywhere on the map wherever you want to add a note on the map. Note Info Window will be seen. Add the title (mandatory), description (optional) and image (optional). Once entered the details, click on Add note. Your note will be publicly visible for others to see it. If there any Flags (note markers) visible, you can view those notes by clicking on to it. A list of notes can be opened either by clicking on to the note or from the navigation panel. Clicking on note will take the centre the map to the notes location. Locations can also be searched from the search bar.

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Angular 4 Angular-maps Kendo UI Firebase - for server and DB Angular material

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