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Be On Time

Be On Time is a basic app that helps to manage your daily events and tasks. You can use this app to set reminder, key in events and tasks that you want to do all in one place.

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  1. Sign in using Google Account
  2. Beautiful layout and GUI
  3. Add, edit and delete event/task/reminder
  4. Calendar - monthly view
  5. Able to add location for event, integrated with Google Map
  6. Step by step tutorial for first time user Note: Work best with Google Chrome.


Works best on Google Chrome.

  1. Sign in using Google account
  2. Start adding event by clicking one of the section on the left panel.
  3. Able to add location (integrated with Google map) for event.
  4. Able to edit and delete existing event from calendar.

Built With

  1. angularJS
  2. firebase
  3. angular-bootstrap-calendar
  4. gulp
  5. express
  6. lite-server
  7. alertifyjs
  8. bootstrap
  9. momentJS
  10. jquery
  11. interactjs
  12. ui-bootstrap
  13. sonic
  14. nzTour

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