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A simple Gantt chart that is sharable with customers, and key stakeholders.

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Ganttrack provides a Gantt chart that can be used to not only manage projects, but also give a view into the project status to everyone involved.

Some known issues with the site are:

  • Long loading time
  • Not mobile responsive
  • Flickers on the project page when projects a selected or saved
  • Logout returns the user to the home page but envokes a reload of the page

Take a look and let us know what you think!


Create an account, create a gantt, add milestones and tasks, then share a PDF, PNG, or JPEG.

To get started click the "Start For Free" button and create an account. From there you will be redirected to the projects page. Here you can create a new project. Then you can add tasks using the control buttons on the left. Update any task or project property on the page and see your gantt chart update in real time. Add as many tasks and charts as you want, everything is persisted to a redis datastore! Once your project is complete export your chart as a pdf, png, or jpeg to share on another site.

If you just want to login and view some existing charts use: [email protected]/asdfasdf to login. Please do not delete any charts in this account so that others can see them.

Built With

Xd, Ps, Ai, Webstorm, Intellij, spring-boot, spring-security, spring-sleuth, heroku, redis, angular, dom-to-image, file-saver, font-awesome, jspdf, ng2-gantt, git, npm, node, github, bootstrap

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