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What To Do First

What to do first (what first for short) helps you organise and prioritise your tasks based on their complexity and priority and collaborate with your team in real-time.

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What to do first is an AngularJS application that runs on Firebase that takes all of your team's tasks with their complexity and priority and helps you decide which tasks you should do first. The order is based on the tasks' complexity and priority and is shown nicely in a graph.


  • Click on Start
  • Start adding in tasks by adding in the task name, priority and complexity
  • Copy the link and send it to another person and ask them to add in tasks as well (Any number of people can work on the same list of tasks in real-time)
  • After adding in a number of different tasks, click on "Organise By Category" to see your tasks ordered by what to do first

View the screencast:

Built With

Firebase Angularfire KendoUI Bootstrap AngularSeed D3 Angular-nvd3 JQuery Angular-tablesort

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