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Event Management App

It is an event management application, through which one can view events and manage his schedule.

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It is inspired by events.google.com/io/. We think there is a pressing need of an app like this; as in today's world, event management and planning has become indispensable. We have included customised user pass(QR code), which has all the information about the user. We have also implemented PWA (Progressive Web Application) and background sync so that user can access the app while he/she is offline. User can manage his/her schedule. They can also get an overview about the sessions which are there in the event. Here we have used some dummy data to show how application works.


User can only login through a Google account. After that he will be redirected to the agenda tab, which shows all the sessions on each day. One can manage his/her schedule under My Schedule tab by adding or deleting sessions. My Pass tab contains QR code of the user, which can be used for digital attendance. Filters are present to get the desired data.

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Heroku, Firebase, NPM, events.google.io, angular material design

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