We calculate the Blood Alcohol content (BAC) of a person. The parameters required for calculation are person's weight, time elapsed, the type and volume of the drink. According to the BAC calculated, the body status of a person is predicted. Also, we provided some remedies for the hangover and some quick tips to prevent a hangover.

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Have you ever been so drunk that you could not decide what is best for you? For the situation like this, we bring you 'Dope Wisely' which will tell you about your body status depending on your "Blood Alcohol Content" (BAC). Also, we have some cool tips for you so that you could drink safely.

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Am I sober enough to drive? How should I help my friend in Hangover? These are pretty common situations in our lives when we enjoy drinks. The solution to these situations is "Dope Wisely".

Not only will it calculate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), it will show the status of your body depending on the results. This app will also provide you "Remedies" for the hangover and some "Quick tips" for avoiding a hangover.

Note: For calculation of the BAC, the alcohol percentage and amount (in ml) are taken as per standards.


  1. On the first screen, click on the downward flashing arrow.
  2. Select the gender.
  3. Enter weight, hours elapsed details.
  4. Select the drinks type and volume.
  5. Generate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).
  6. According to the calculated BAC, view the status of the body.
  7. View remedies for the hangover and quick tips to prevent a hangover.

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