Angular 2 Fun Game with better User experience within 48 hours.
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Angular 2 MojoLolo Fun Game

1) Logic plus fun loving Game with better user interface 2) Tile game of N x N matrix

V800 v800 9 round 1 level 1


1) Fun loving Mind trick game with colorful characters along with Small story.
2) MojoLolo is the Game Name
3) Tile Game with NxN including Maximizer, Minimizer, hole generator, Game Timer more interacting components build with this game.
4) One of the best user Experience in playing game created.

Future Implementation :

1) Mobile compatibility with best User experience
2) Two player game with socket connection
3) Firebase Authentication
4) User based move analytics
5) Graph of user game progress tracker like leaderboard.
6) Multiple dimension of random generating tiles is on of the future implementation plan.


Desktop /Laptop devices


Application setup Instruction:

1) Application will works on all browser desktop
2) install node version > 6.9
node --version
3) Add angular-cli using:
ng install @angular-cli -g
refer below link,
4) Add boostrap version 3to your cli
npm install bootstrap --save
5) ngx bootstrap installation

Game Instruction:

1) Application loads --> enter userName --> select Avatar --> click to play
2) There are total 5 levels there in the Game
3) Each and every level has two rounds
4) First rounds task is to create as Many 1X2 or 2X1 matrix tile in the board (Maximizer) I.e., Increase your region in the board
5) Second rounds try to reduce the opponent 2X1 or 1X2 matrix tile (Minimizer) I.e, Minimize the ghost region in the board
6) To achieve Minimization of Ghost region you need to make a hole or blocks in the board ie., 1X1 matrix (Minimizer)
7) score of player 1 will be calculated from 1st round pair tiles and player 2 wil be calculated in round 2 pair tile count
8) Timer once Passed user will be redirected to new Game in the same level
9) End of the final level you will be receiving five gems as reward for saving the little princess from Devil Dungeons.

View the screencast:

Built With

1) Angular 2 cli
2) ng X bootstrap
3) Bootstrap version 3
4) Typescript
5) es6
6) Visual studio code
7) Adobe illustrator
8) Firebase hosting

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