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Recreating the Pictionary experience in a online multiplayer setting!

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Inspired by Google's Quick, Draw! and Firebase we tried to recreate the Pictionary experience in a online multiplayer setting. We focused on visuals and responsive design to support desktop and tablet users. Our first attempt at a firebase and firebase functions to create a backend that supports auth, game logic and room management.


Login with favorite social login.
Create a new room and get at least 2 other friends to join that room.
One wil become the artist and recieve a word to draw, the rest will need to guess the word.
The artist will also recieve feedback from google on what their Quick, Draw! think you are drawing. [ Very Fun ]

- Too much focus on visuals and design resulted in missing core functionality, thank god this is a hackathon ;-)
- if page remains empty please refresh again.
- Please create a new room, because we lacked time to implement kick afk players resulting in idle rooms
- Unresolved cors header issues prevents from sending guess requests from the app :-(

Restart the round in a given room: Asigns a new word and artist to the room[ROOM_UID]

Submit a guess: if correct guess assign points and start a new round[ROOM_UID]&playerUid=[PLAYER_UID]&guess=[GUESS]

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