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Create funny messages with your voice!

V800 marionette screenshot


This application's focus to create custom messages that you can share instantly (almost). Send Marionette doll based messages with a few click and controll the doll's mouth with your voice!


  • Choose an image of a face that you want to send as a message
  • Cut it to fit the shape, and adjust the mouth cut
  • Record your voice message on the record page
  • Choose a platform to share


  • We use your microphone to record voice. We do not store any data until you press the share button in the end.
  • You must use https connection to record cause of privacy policies related to microphone usage.
  • Use Chrome for the best experience

Known issues:

It seems like the canvas for image cut is not 100% perfect. Workaround: if your face does not appear for the first time close the popup, and choose the file again. It works properly after that.

View the screencast:

Built With

  • SVG illustrations from Freepik
  • Firebase
  • Angular 2
  • html5Audio API
  • html5Canvas API

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