Fulcrumy comes from Fulcrum. Its mainly hold the meaning of thing that plays a central or essential role in an activity, event, or situation.

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Fulcrumy is a web application that can track project management activities by managing team members in a balanced way. The application assign members daily tasks, monitor individual update, track individual contribution, analyse member skills and also analyse task leaderboard.

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I've been working on angularjs from last 3 years and I Love Angular madly. Last year when AngularAttack took place, I was very excited to participate and at that time I made a job portal website. That was memorable for me. After a year AngularAttack again back and I do not want to miss it anymore. I was looking for an innovative idea for making life easier. Then I invented that the idea is surrounding me and finally realized that I need a project tracking software that can ease Team Management! Project Management! Team Contribution! Project Contribution! Team Skills analysis! Deadline reach! Analysis Task Board etc.

What it does

Fulcrumy is a web application that able to organize your project activities, team members, tasks and issues.

The application

  • Can add team member
  • Can add task issues on board
  • On task board, drag and drop task from ToDo board to inProgress and complete list.
  • Generate chart based on your task leaderboard
  • Can see task details on task click in task board
  • On right side of report page, can see your top contribution team members and on click its open a short profile of members and you can also reward this team member
  • On left side of report page, you can see one at a glance of task overview, skills, team contribution and and team task contribution.
  • On calendar page, all the tasks loaded on calendar and you can see all tasks on this calendar load.


I planned a lot of features to add but time was very limited and every feature is not possible to complete in a limited time. For that reason I figured out some main feature and planned every step to finish successfully.

Future Planning

  • Database and backend integration
  • Apply authentication system and team channel integration
  • Organized multiple project

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Platform Support:

This web application support on Chrome, Firefox, Safari

View the screencast:

Built With


  • Angular 4
  • Angular CLI
  • Kendo UI(Telerik)
  • Sass
  • Typescript
  • Bootstrap
  • SCSS instead of CSS
  • Angular Full Calendar
  • Angular Drag and Drop

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