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Ur Song wanted to revive the old Myspace feeling of having a profile page with music. With a Youtube + an Unsplash link you can create your own profile.

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You can sign in with your email and create your own little website with an intro text and links to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The main focus lies on the linking of a Youtube and Unsplash link. If someone goes to your profile the sound of the youtube link will play in the background an the background image will automatically be the Unsplash picture.


After you sign in you will be routed to the onboarding page. A verification email has been send out which you'll have to open and click on the verification link. Back on the onboarding page you can now safely reload and fill in your information about the Youtube link and Unsplash link. After the onboarding you will be sent to your profile page. You can further change things if you go to your settings.

Due to a pretty dumb mistake of mine (forgot to put a function into subscribe parentheses) you can't see your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram links on your profile page. Shame on me.

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Used Firebase as backend, Used Angular Cli for project generation and component generation, Used Atom as text editor

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