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This helps developers and user quickly create HTML pages based on a 12 column responsive grid with over 100 other useful classes and elements ;) Named after my grandma.

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New studio starter

New mountains starter

This app helps create HTML layouts for whatever project you want :wink:

  • Easily add Headings (H1 through H6), text styles, code and lot more!
  • Classes to spread your content across 12 columns, Use s (small - screen size less than 700px ), m ( medium - screen size 700px to 1024px ), l ( large - screen size greater than 1024px ). So you have classes from s1 to s12 for small (mobile) screens, m1 to m12 for medium (tablet) screens, l1 to l12 for large (desktop) screens.
  • Save page as HTML. NEEDS STYLESHEET from in same directory as HTML file
  • Start from scratch or template on /pages
  • If starting from a template can save template for others to use, With custom title and description ( which can be used to give yourself credit ) ;)

Special thanks to Kendo UI It seemed to have a module for everything I wanted to do :)


  1. Login with Facebook or Gmail.
  2. Wait for templates to load (no feedback which show page blank momentarily)
  3. Start from a template.
  4. Modify the template as per your requirements.
  5. Add new rows with + button in top bar.
  6. Choose number of columns to have in row and add content :wink:
  7. Use paintbrush icon in top bar to modify styleand class of element selected in editor.
  8. Use the bottom bar to choose a parent element if required.
  9. Created something awesome to share with the world? Use the cloud icon in top bar to save it to the app to allow other users to use it :wink: KNOWN BUG: This doesn't work while creating the page from scratch
  10. Add appropriate title and description () before saving. This can be used to credit the author (yourself) and describe the template :wink:
  11. When happy with the content, Click disk icon in top bar to save page as HTML. NEEDS STYLESHEET from in same directory as HTML file to render properly

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