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A Game of Logic and Deduction

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The game provides a 6x6 board with items and a set of clues. In the beginning the positions of most items on the board are unknown, but the player can use the given clues to to deduce where items can't be and where they should be, until all of the items are located properly.


Tested in latest Google Chrome. Best viewed in 1920x1080, the minimal resolution is 1200x800.
This is a game. Please check app help page (it should open automatically if you load app for the first time, otherwise it can be brought up by pressing question button at the bottom-right corner)

Built With

Language: Google Dart, 1.23.0
Angular v 3.0.0-beta
angular-components v 0.5.0-beta+1
JetBrains WebStorm 2017.1
Photoshop CC 2017

Google Fonts: Roboto, Merriweather Sans and ComingSoon
Google Translate (yeah, yeah, my English is not perfect)
Pictures: Emojione v3.0, included in Photoshop CC.
Sound effects (all from
- by GabrielAraujo
- by fins
- by Porphyr

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