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Need a place to meet up? Have no fear, middlr is here! Type your addresses, check out the nearby options and share.

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Deciding on a place to meet up with your friends can be a tedious task with endless back and forth on various social media until everyone eventually gives up.

Our aim was to provide a solution to make finding a convenient hang out spot easy and stress free. middlr does this by calculating a centre point at an equal distance away from all parties and providing options around this point as possible meet up locations.

Check out a short demo:


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Search:

Fill in the required information in the left sidebar. What are you and your friends looking for?
Are you looking for a place to grab a bite to eat? Perhaps you're looking for a night out at the club - or maybe you just want to find a place to grab some groceries on your way back from work.
Whatever the case - type in up to 5 addresses and hit that search button!

2. Analyze:

The map has zeroed into the midpoint of the addresses and like magic - it is displaying your points of interests. If not - go on and toggle that radius slider to see if there is something a little further out.
Too many locations? See your choices clearly in the list menu, located beside the home icon.
The link icon displayed beside each restaurant name will lead you to google maps and will allow you to see your directions.

3. Share:

You've definitely made up your mind, but it's going to be a pain sharing the information with your friends with all the typing and screenshots - right? Wrong! Go on and click the share icon beside the list icon and simply share the provided link with your friends. They will see the same search results as you, and better yet - if someone wants to tweak the changes, everyone else will see the changes with a simple refresh of their browser!

Okay, so maybe we lied a little - there are four steps.

4. Enjoy!

Miraculously your group has agreed upon a location - now get out there and enjoy!

Note: Further extensions to the app would include the ability to authenticate a user with a login feature. This would allow addresses to be saved and carried over in future searches easily as the address would be aliased by name. Furthermore, a voting option would be implemented from which the group can vote anonymously on search results to help make the decision making easier still!

Note: Our entry works best in Google Chrome. Best UI experience on a 15 inch or more screen.

Yet Another Note:If you use the app but pressing search doesn't return any results, it because the maximum number of API requests for a day has been reached. Please check again after 24 hours.

View the screencast:

Built With

Google Maps API, angular, angular-animate, angular-route, Firebase for deployment and hosting, ngmap to display an instance of the Google map, lodash, angular-google-places-autocomplete for searching addresses, angular-clipboard for copying the share URL, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, NodeJS package manager, Animate.css

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