This application to search youtube videos through voice recognition.

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Basically a web application for Youtube Voice search. User can search the videos by its title.

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The application will help user to search the youtube videos through speech recognition. The web application developed on top of javascript speech recognition. The listed out videos can be played by saying the video order and next videos can be searched even when other videos are playing.


Say ' Search * ( youtube title ) ' : App will search videos from Youtube and list it down. Say ' Play * (First/one/second/two...) ' : Asking app which video to be played. Say ' Search * ' : New videos still can be searched in between video is playing. Say ' Dev info ' : Redirect to page where Informations of developers spent their time to create a app. Say ' Back * ': Redirect the page from Dev info to seach if user is landed in Dev info. Say ' Show Help ' : instructions will be showed in popup. Say ' Close Help ': Hide instructions popup.

Ex: Once app Launched :

Say " Search html videos "

After videos listed, say " Play first " or "Play one" ( new videos can be searched still )

say " Close Help "

say "show Dev info"

say "back"

again say " Search videos "

For Better acceptability please use Chrome browser.

View the screencast:

Built With


Angular 2 + dependencies Typescript Webpack + dependencies Material Design Lite + Material Design Icons Annyang.js Youtube API

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