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Where to go, what to do? Share your own experiences and raise a level up on holiday and everyday life in your hometown. It's not about the destinations and guide books, it's about achievements.

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Travelling app that helps to find out what to experience. Cowabunga is a tool to share the best memories and find out what's possible to experience around the world.


Check in to collect achievements. You can browse achievements by country or nearby. After collecting group of achievements you are granted with a badge. It's possible to check what other users have done and how many times each achievement is checked in.


We have optimized for both mobile and desktop and tested with Chrome and Safari on Android and iPhone.


  • Check achievements to collect either by country or nearby.
  • Check in
  • See your own checkins on your profile page (click your picture in the toolbar)
  • Check in to various places that are same but different and be granted with a badge (e.g. have a beer by Spree river and make a bicycle tour and be granted the Riverdance badge)
  • Continue discovering the world by collecting achievements and badges.
  • See where other users have checked in on the feed
  • See other users' checkins and badges on their profile page

What you need to know while judging:

  • At the moment, not all images are loaded from our backend, due to free tier storage restrictions on firebase.
  • There is only one badge at the moment: Checking in at Spree river and Turku archipelago together will award you a badge
  • If some images are not showing, we have reached our quota. Once we know if we are allowed to use a paid hosting tier, we will upgrade. Otherwise it will reset within 24h :)

View the screencast:

Built With

  • Angular cli
  • Firebase (auth, database, hosting, storage and functions beta)
  • angularfire2 (
  • momentJS
  • AGM google maps component
  • Bootstrap
  • Color-hash
  • fontawesome
  • ng2-sharebuttons
  • ngx-bootstrap
  • RxJS
  • Google webfonts

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