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This Is A Drum Machine And Chat Application Where You Can Create, Listen Beats In Real Time With Your Peers Irrespective Of The Places Where Your Peer Composer Resides.It's An Online Music Jamming Session.Also They Can Share Their Experience Through Chats/Audio.

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Experiencing Collaboration, Sharing In A New Way.


Please Open It In Modern Browsers And Make Sure That You Are Having A Good Internet Connection

1)Open Up The Url 2)Enable TogetherJS 3)Send The Add Friend Link To Your Peer/Others 4)Wait For Him To Join It 5)Start Playing The Beat And Collaborate It To It(You Can Hear Same Beat At Same Time(Try Chatting, Sharing Emotions About The Beat)

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AngularJS,NodeJS,SASS,Grunt,Karma,TogetherJS(Customised Version)

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