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Byte Buddies

Virtual aquarium where you can collect buddies and earn achievements!

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Collect byte buddies, upgrade your computer and breed your buddies to find them all! Collect your favorite in the Solid State Drive.


Buy Byte Buddies as eggs, hatch them and raise them and sell them when they're older to turn a profit! Golden Bits can be used to populate your SSD or for cloning fish in your HDD. Upgrading your HDD increases the number of buddies you can have at once. Upgrading your CPU allows you to purchase different buddies. Upgrading your GPU raises how far you can breed your buddies. Upgrading your RAM allows more eggs to be hatching at once. Unlock achievements to get a boost to your money.

The site has to be in its own window for the game to progress. Only tested in Chrome (Probably only works in Chrome)

Built With

Angular 2, Kendo UI, Angular-MDL, PrimeNG, Firebase

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