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An app for pet lovers to brag about their pets.

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Pet-riotic is an App all about pets. The main features are pet rating and leader-board. You can add your pets and let them shine on the leader board. You can also rate other user's pets. How pawsome is that !!!!


  1. The default page is the "Leaderboard." You can view it without Sign Up / Sign In
  2. To Add your pets, click Login / Sign Up button on the Navbar.
  3. Once you have logged in, you can add your pets here https://mubashirhanif.github.io/petriotic/#/home/my-pets (Caution: The form works, but you have to fill all entries correctly, as we ran out of time to show form validation errors)

To Add a pet:

  1. Go to https://mubashirhanif.github.io/petriotic/#/home/my-pets as a logged in user
  2. Enter the name, age, likes dislikes
  3. Click "Choose file" and select the picture of your cat stored locally
  4. Click "Upload" (Please wait for a bit. We ran out of time to add notifier)
  5. Finally, click "Submit" and close the form
  6. Refresh the page to view your new entry

To rate Pets, go here https://mubashirhanif.github.io/petriotic/#/home/rate-pets

  1. Click on a pet to see details. You can also copy the pet link and share with your friends.

Built With

  1. Kendo UI
  2. Angular 2
  3. Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL for backend
  4. Bootstrap Minty theme
  5. Google Images for cat images
  6. Gimp for background picture

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