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The fun and efficient way of voting for your favorite apps in the attack. You can nominate your entry, view others entries, like them or add them to your favorites. What are your waiting for? Play the 'Grand Clash'! Please see our youtube video for clear explanation,

V800 combat



The idea came to us when we were looking for the last year's entries. If voting is going to be one of the prime aspects of 'Angular Attack', why not make it fun and interesting.


In the current application, if we want to judge other apps, we have to click on each app, then see/provide the comments for each app. And also the emotions are not captured fully. And most of us, will not try to read the entire description (Just that human minds skim things). In this application, we have tried our best to address this problem by short descriptions and adding likes and favorites category for each app.

The participants have to nominate their app. Then they can vote for the other apps which are nominated. Try it and we promise you that you are not gonna regret it :)


Edit Nominations Judge and participant votes Filters based on categories


Run the page in the modern browser. U can either nominate your app or vote for the already existing apps. Though it is not fully functional for the enterprise level, it pretty much does the functions what it is intended to do :)

And please do not forget to give your likes and favorite our app pls..

View the screencast:

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Angular2 Nodejs Bootstrap Heroku

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