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Must Be In .Life

Must be in. life is necessary for every travelers. If you just wish to see far lands-look who have done it already!

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We know how exciting to plan a trip and how important to share your impression with other travelers. let us help you with it! Wide range of capabilities and easy to use interface will allow you to create a map of your journey and share it with others. Also you can see the new places and learn interesting facts about them


Landing page have map with places added by all users. If you open one place, you will see details about it. Near user name you will see two links, one will open places of that user and other will open trips of that user. You can comment on that place. If you register you can see my places and my trips. My Places is basically what you see in landing but differ to places it's only selected by user you see. My Trips is place where you can put pack of places together.

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We used waw framework on back-end: To run project locally or on your environment you have to install it. We also used google maps plugin and normalize.css (

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