A team of two colleagues who were there to have an experience of the hackathon and angular js. It was a very amazing learning experience and I feel we got a good application idea which we will continue forward.

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Send N Invite a version1.0.0 application to make your invite more smarter. Now fill up a form and send your invite anywhere to anyone and save paper as well :)

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With SendNInvite you can now create smart paperless invites and pass on the url to anyone across the world. The person can see the invite sent by you. You need to just fill a simple form, check the generated invite and submit it to get your invite url. Share and invite people without printing anything on paper. We are a raw version app for now, but the concept is unique to market.


To generate an invite, click on explore -> select any kind of invite -> fill in the details -> submit these details-> see the generated invite -> confirm for getting the url -> copy the url and share it across.

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Built With

We used - 1. Angular v4.0 and related libraries 2. Angular Fire2 3. KendoUI elements 4. Firebase Database and deployment server 5. Webpack to package the application 6. HTML5 and Bootstrap 7. Few images generated by an online logo generator site. These are the major ones which I can remember while filling this form at last minute. Appologies if I have forgot something. :)

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