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Sistar. Acrynom for Should i start a restaurant. It will tell you a good spot to open a restaurant, based on some awesome analysis and some degree of magic.

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A great tool for people who want to open a restaurant. The app gives you recommendations based on location, transit, trends and much more.


When entering the app just enter a location where you would want to start a restaurant. You can set some extra's like the price category you want to sell at and some description. A recommendation will be shown if the place and inputs you choose is a good match for your restaurant. Details for each category can be found in the subtabs

Built With


  • Angular 4 (duh)
  • Angular-cli
  • Angular material
  • Nodejs (used for Twitter and Google Trends, nothing fancy just a kind of proxy)
  • heroku
  • rollbar
  • full dep list in package.json..


  • Webstorm
  • Mac
  • Sublime Text
  • Gimp

Used apis

  • Google Maps Places Api
  • Google trends
  • Google Maps
  • Foursquare Api
  • Twitter Api

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