Want to win the Angular Attack Hackathon? Progress Kendo UI can help you!

Posted Apr 5, 2017

I remember the 2014 Telerik Hackathon like it was yesterday. A couple of my teammates on the Kendo UI engineering team and I joined the event as technical assistants to help the participants with their setup. It was an eye-opening experience to watch firsthand how users interact, struggle and succeed with our product. We took many notes on how we might improve Kendo UI :).

The room was a sea of failed Cordova deployments and muffled cursing. However, during the chaos, one team drew my attention. While the rest of the participants struggled with their setup, this team was happily churning through the screens of their app!

Watching the cool app being built on top of our products in front of me was amazing. Little did I know that the team (in fact, the winning one) was actually a company that had plenty of prior experience with Kendo UI.

The Progress Kendo UI team will be pleased to award thousands of dollars to winning teams in the six categories of Angular Attack. You'll qualify for these prizes by using Kendo UI in your final submission. Naturally, there is a small learning curve for every product or framework you use and we want you to be in the best position to succeed. We've compiled the information below to help you on your way to winning the big prizes!

Kendo UI is one of the most extensive jQuery UI component toolkits out there, which includes basic building blocks like form elements, tabs, buttons, essential data management stuff like grids and lists, data visualization widgets, and some advanced stuff like Gantt charts and Excel-like spreadsheets. I might have missed something, but the full list is here.

Kendo UI for Angular is aimed at porting the features of the jQuery suite into a native Angular (Angular 2 and beyond) format. The essentials are already available, so you should have plenty of boost to add to your project. If you decide on using one of the popular front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, there is a lot of additional value in Kendo UI. Kendo UI for Angular integrates beautifully with Bootstrap 4. It's easy to make good looking data-driven UI like forms and CRUD-like views.

Choosing and bringing the right toolbox to the challenge is a huge advantage on its own - you will save on your most scarce resource, your time. There are a few things that you can do beforehand to make sure you stay as efficient as possible with each hour available.

  1. Explore the Kendo UI docs and find the features you plan on using. Bookmark and save the relevant items for the hackathon.

  2. Each Kendo UI Angular component has an extensive set of examples that showcase how to accomplish a certain task (take a look at the editable grid or the form integration of the file upload, for example). You can open each code snippet in Plunkr and tweak it further, so that it matches the scenario you plan on doing. Optionally, you can save the set of plunks so that you have them at a convenient place for the main event.

  3. Make sure you have a Telerik Account. Accounts are free and they are important to download the trial version of Kendo UI. The trial will be active for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to experiment with the framework, get comfortable with the components and compete in the Angular Attack hackathon. It is totally fine to complete and submit your hackathon project using the trial version. To install the Kendo UI Angular components in your project, you will need credentials for our private NPM registry. Going through the getting started section, which includes the account registration is simple and should take just a few minutes. Do this before the clock starts so you have maximum time during the hackathon period.

Warning: The Angular Attack Rules clearly state that you should not use code that has been written upfront. Make sure that you focus your preparation on accumulating knowledge in your short-term memory ;).

To wrap up, playing to win is very important. Give yourself the best chance to learn the tools ahead of time. Learning a cool new tool might turn you into the star of the team and make you look like you pulled an all-nighter for something you only spent a couple of hours implementing. Plus, it will improve your chance to win some big prizes!